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Scottish Sikhs work hard everyday to lift up people's chances in life

From cultural events to global aid projects, to community meals and community education, Scottish Sikhs are playing their part in making Scotland a fairer, inclusive and stronger nation
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Our Causes.

We support many projects at home and abroad with the simple goal of improving the life chances of the people who need it most
Sikh Langar - Community Service

Supporting Scotland’s most vulnerable

The Sikh Food Bank is providing weekly food parcels, hot meals, welfare support to families in need across Scotland
Network Rail Presentation

Educating the Community

Our education outreach engages with early years, primary & secondary schools, colleges & universities. We deliver presentations, workshops, visits, Q&A sessions & online virtual learning sessions.

Covid-19 Health Information

Multi-lingual health information in Panjabi, Urdu & Hindi available on our Wellbeing Hub, in partnership with Scottish Government

The Sikh Food Bank is a heartwarming example of how we can all come together to support each other. Thank you to all at Sikhs in Scotland.

Leader, Scottish Labour Party
Nicola Sturgeon MSP

The Sikh community in Scotland helps to make our country stronger, wealthier and more vibrant. The launch of Sikh Heritage Month is a great way of recognising the history and contribution of Scotland’s Sikh community.

First Minister of Scotland
Preet Kaur Gill MP

Sikhs in Scotland play a vibrant and important role in raising the voice of the Sikh community in Westminster. I look forward to working with colleagues in Scotland so we can create an equal, diverse society for all

MP, Birmingham & Edgbaston


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