RAF Staff join forces with The Sikh Food Bank in Scotland

VE DAY: RAF Staff join forces with The Sikh Food Bank in Scotland

Two RAF Recruiters have joined forces to volunteer with The Sikh Food Bank in Scotland to deliver vital food parcels to families and people in need.


Corporal Jon Ward and Corporal Jade Ellis-Johnson began volunteering with The Sikh Food Bank after the RAF Recruitment Office closed in Glasgow as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.


Corporal Jade Ellis-Johnson said:


“I wanted to help out in the community by delivering essentials and food to vulnerable people. It’s a chance for me to give back during these unprecedented times.”


Corporal Jon Ward said:


“It’s important to provide assistance to those who need help, especially vulnerable people and those in isolation. We have the capabilities to give back to our communities by delivering food parcels and essential items and I’m pleased to play my part.”


Co-Founder of The Sikh Food Bank, Charandeep Singh, said:


“Having Corporal Ward and Corporal Ellis-Johnson on the team has been terrific for The Sikh Food Bank. We are here to support all communities that need help during these times and it is great to see our volunteer team reflect the diversity of Scotland.”



VIDEO FOOTAGE AVAILABLE HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smmvxdpKrnY (Credit: The Sikh Food Bank & Forces News)